Bangor Grammar School

Physical Education



Mr David Kennedy

Mr Dawie Holley

Mr Rhys Botha

Mr Matthew Armstrong-Sanchez

Subject Overview

Within Bangor Grammar School we see the purpose of Physical Education to provide a planned and rich experience in physical activity, which will develop bodily dexterity, confidence in motor tasks and enjoyment in bodily movement. We hope to develop personal qualities such as self-esteem, self-confidence, tolerance and empathy. Through our work in developing a wide range of sports clubs in the school we would hope to introduce boys to many worthwhile activities, which they would be able to pursue in adult life. We value and see the importance of students having balanced and healthy lifestyle.


The Physical Education department are proud to boast some of the best school sporting facilities in the country.  These include:

  • A full sized Sports Hall (marked for 4 badminton courts, 1 basketball court and 5-aside football)
  • A fully equipped gymnasium including climbing frames, balance beams, springboards and pummel horses
  • A Fitness Suite comprising of free weights, fixed weights machines  and cardiovascular equipment
  • 4 Rugby Pitches
  • A full sized Astroturf Hockey Pitch
  • 4 Astroturf Tennis Courts   
  • Cricket Square


Participation rates in Physical Education at all the key stages are of a high standard. The Physical Education department has a strong uptake for GCSE, AS and A2. We are above the Northern Ireland average at GCSE A* - C in direct comparison to other boys in grammar schools. Our AS and A2 results are also very sound.

Key Stage 3

During KS3, pupils become more expert in their skills and techniques, and learn how to apply them in different activities. They start to understand what makes an effective performance and how to apply these principles to their own and others' work. They learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance. They start to identify the types of activity they prefer, and take a variety of roles, such as leader and official. They take part in the following activities:

  • Dance activities
  • Games activities
  • Gymnastic activities
  • Swimming activities and water safety
  • Athletic activities
  • Outdoor and adventurous activities

KS3 CCEA Specification

Key Stage 4

During KS4, pupils tackle complex and demanding activities, applying their knowledge of skills, techniques and effective performance. They decide whether to get involved in physical activity that is mainly focused on competing or performing, on promoting health and well being, or on developing personal fitness. They also decide on which roles suit them best including performer, coach, choreographer, leader, and official. The view they have of their skilfulness and physical competence gives them the confidence to get involved in exercise out of school and in later life.

We offer GCSE Physical Education to Year 11 students as a two-year course.

KS4 CCEA Specification

Key Stage 5

A-Level Physical Education

Education Board WJEC
Desirable Qualities
  • Good GCSE grades in PE and English
  • Good understanding of Biology
  • Genuine interest in the subject
  • Highly motivated
  • Candidate should have a good work ethic and a self-disciplined approach to private study, in particular coursework
  • An active interest in more than one sporting activity
Outline These WJEC AS and A2 specifications take a multi-disciplinary approach, encouraging the development of different methods of enquiry drawn from a wide range of disciplines, with the focal point being the performer and the performance. The specifications are based on the interaction between the theory and practice of Physical Education.

KS5 WJEC Specification

Career Opportunities

Physical Education provides huge opportunities for various career pathways. Many of our students studying GCSE and A Level have gone on to university to engage in courses such as sports science, medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology, teaching, sports technology and many other courses.