Bangor Grammar School


The Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments make up the Science Department.

Year 8 Science

In Year 8 pupils spend a block of approximately 11 weeks in each of the three Science Departments. They have five periods per fortnight. The course is designed to ensure that pupils learn by ‘doing’.  Every lesson involves some sort of active learning activity.  Pupils are taught how to work safely in a Science lab and how to carry out fair scientific investigations.  They learn about what Science is and why it is relevant to all of us.

A Course Summary:

  • Biology:  Life on Earth; Evolution; Classification and introduction to the Human Body.
  • Chemistry: An introduction to Chemistry; including Materials; States of Matter and experiments including use of the Bunsen Burner!
  • Physics: Earth and Space; critically evaluating Science in the media; use of apparatus to obtain accurate measurements. 

Pupils will be assessed throughout the course and will be examined at the end of each block of teaching.  There is therefore no end of year Science examination.

Years 9 and 10 Science

In Years 9 and 10 Teachers in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments work closely together to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to the delivery of Science content.  A wide range of innovative teaching strategies are used to make learning interesting and effective. These courses are ideal preparation for the GCSE Science subjects.


All pupils and staff in the Science Department work in state of the art facilities. Our modern school has 9 laboratories, 4 preparatory rooms, a greenhouse and an educational garden.

Technical Assistants

We are lucky to have Mr G King and Mrs R Lynn who support the work carried out by the Science Department.