Bangor Grammar School



Mrs Clare Steele

Ms Chloe McVeigh

Ms Katie Kacz (Technician)

Subject Overview

The Art and Design curriculum is developed to motivate and inspire the creative potential in all pupils by incorporating a range of thinking and learning skills together with the opportunity to experience and develop techniques and processes in a wide range of media.


The Art and Design department has 3 fully equipped general purpose Art Studios, one with a ceramics annex with adjoining kiln and clay drying rooms. Each art studio has adjoining stores; one for 3D work and equipment, the other for storing art materials.

6th Form Work Studio

Art / MIA ICT suite with 21 macbooks and monitors

2 General Art Stores

Display area


The Art and Design department continues to be viewed as a highly successful department due to the outstanding results consistently achieved by our pupils at both GCSE and at A level.

We consistently have pupils work selected for the CCEA ‘True Colours Exhibition’ which showcases the best and most interesting work created by pupils each year from the summer examinations.

Pupil work is also regularly selected for many art exhibitions and events within the local community and beyond and our boys enjoy much success in art competitions such as ‘Sister Cities’ and ‘Texaco children’s art’.

Key Stage 3

At Key stage 3 pupils are given the opportunity to have first hand experience of drawing & painting, 3D construction, ceramics, printmaking, textiles, ICT and lens based digital media in a fun and creative environment.

CCEA Specification

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art and Design allows pupils to develop their observational skills and appreciation for a wide range of artistic practices through investigation, experimentation and problem-solving. Development of creative, intellectual and artistic abilities is encouraged. Pupils have opportunities to appreciate the work of artists, designers and craft workers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. A Portfolio and exam are the two components of this course.

CCEA Specification

Key Stage 5

AS’ and ‘A2’ Level Art and Design allows pupils to further the skills and concepts learnt at GCSE level. Pupils can develop and enhance their creative, intellectual and artistic abilities by taking the ‘AS’ course as the first half of the ‘A2’ Level qualification and completing a Coursework Portfolio and exam. At ‘A2’ Level a ‘Personal Investigation’ and exam are undertaken which gives pupils the opportunity to express their artistic strengths and personal areas of interest in the subject.

CCEA Specification