Bangor Grammar School

Pastoral Care

Bangor Grammar School is a caring school where pupils are known individually.  There is a huge commitment across the school community to ensure every pupil who chooses to attend BGS can enjoy school and be the best version of themself.

The pastoral team is led by the Pastoral Vice Principal and ably supported by Pastoral Leaders who as far as possible journey with their year group throughout their school career.  Form classes are also assigned a Form Teacher.

Pastoral Leaders and Form Teachers pride themselves in taking responsibility for the personal, social and academic development of the pupils in their care.  Pastoral Leaders focus on the pastoral needs of pupils, including issues of attendance, behaviour and welfare.  The Form Teacher is focused upon day-to day pastoral matters with their pupils, including registering pupils each morning.

Junior pupils are also ably supported by sixth form Wellbeing Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors help pupils transition from primary to secondary school and alleviate many of their initial worries.

The school also offers a specialist counselling service, provided by the Education Authority and operated via Family Works Counselling.  This is an excellent additional service which supplements the pastoral system and supports pupils who are facing a significant difficulty in or out of school.